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Campus1477 has the widest variety of training in Uppsala. At our two facilities Science Park and Blåsenhus we have 1000 m2 gym, more than a 100 group training sessions a week, rope and boulder climbing, spinning and various ball sports. You can also wrap up your training session in a nice, steamy hot sauna or have your body looked over by a physiotherapist. When the nordic darkness falls upon us during the winter, half an hour in the lightroom can lighten your spirits. As a student or PhD-student you get the lower student price on our membership cards.

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We offer two large gyms with lots of different possibilites for strenght training. The gyms are open during regular opening hours.


The Light room is designed to help those who feel tired during the dark period of the year. Artificial lightning affects the hormonal balance that ensures we have an efficient 24-hour rhythm by elevating the level of cortisol in the blood. Elevated levels of cortisol at the wrong time of day can cause problems such as difficulty in resting and sleeping soundly. Insomnia can make it more difficult to maintain our health. If you feel as though you have got into a downward spiral of fatigue, you can take advantage of natural daylight, artificial light and darkness to improve your well-being.

A Light room with artificial light is a short-term solution. It is only by being exposed to direct natural daylight that the body will be able to have and maintain the right levels of cortisol and melatonin, i.e. the sleep/wake hormones in the blood at the right time during the 24-hour period. This can be difficult in our part of the world during winter. The Light room has been designed and created to help those students who feel tired and exhausted during the dark period of the year. The Light room is open during fall and winter, October 15 - March. Booking: Contact the Reception at Blåsenhus, phone 471 69 50.


Group exercise class on stationary bikes. To energizing music we “travel” around the world together, experiencing different kind of terrain. Spinning is a great cardio workout!Length of class is stated in the schedule. You can always decide your own resistance and intensity level no matter what class you choose. All you need is indoor shoes and comfortable clothing. Class ticket should be collected at latest 10 min before class starts, or is otherwise given as a drop in-ticket.


All classes are bookable via (if you´re a member). It's possible to drop in for the classes in the bigger halls (Stora salen) if there's room. Check here for schedule. Classes are 55 min, if not otherwise stated in the schedule. Longer classes gives added instensity.

Aerobics core: Pulse pounding step combinations plus core strength.  
Aerobics tone: Pulse pounding step combinations plus strength training with dumbbells.
Afro KD (Afro Power Dance) Simple dancing accompanied by African drums.
Ass'n abs Strength for the trunk, seat (gluteus) and legs. 
Body toning: Stamina/Cardio training using a step board + strength training using various equipment. Simple but tough!
Box: Stamina training – kicking,punching and strength exercise. Tough but lots of fun.
Challenge: High intensity interval training – the class mixes basics, rushes, jumps, ropes. Exhaustion guaranteed.
Classic Iron: Iron bars for extra strength, combined with cardio. You choose the weight! 
Core: Back to front! Focusing on core stability.
Dance Step: Party dance class performed on a stepboard. Fitness and coordination workout for you who love to dance and that have tried step before. We jump, twirl and dance on and around the stepboard. A really fun class where the jou of movement is in focus.
Dance special: Dance class with alternating focus, choreography, rhythm, mobility, tone. For the curious dance lover.
Distance: Spinning – stamina training with consistent intensity level.
Floorball: Indoor team game, played with a plastic club and ball. Similar to hockey.
Functional: Versatile, intense class: strength, core, stamina.
Kettlebells 1: The basic techniques of kettlebells (traditional russian weights made of cast iron) - stamina, strength, agility and mobility.
Kettlebells 2: Kettlebells, slightly more advanced exercises.
Kettlebells Interval: High, intensive intervals with the help of easy kettlebells exercises and your own body weight.
Lexercise: Playful training games – be a child again. Lots of fun!
Löpakademin (=running academy): Running in group, interval training, leg strengh, running games. Outdoors spring & fall, indoors in the winter.
Pilates: A class focusing on core stability, flexibility and posture. Trunk strength, flexibility, respiration, relaxation.
Power step: A high intensity cardio workout on a step board (difficulty level: between SU1 and SU2).
Power step core: Power step class followed by a core class.
Power step functional: An intensive fitness class followed by functional strength exercises that focus on strength, core and balance. The class consists of easy step combinations where to basic steps are put together to longer combinations.
Power yoga: A physical form of yoga – basic positions that practice flexibility, balance and breathing.
Puls core: Pulse-pounding steps, jumps & core strength.Pump It: Strength class set to music, using a barbell.
Pump It:
A strenght workout where you work with easy barbells exercises to the rhythm of motivaing music. The aim is to bulid up the strength in the body´s big muscular groups. This class is suitable for both beginners and experienced people.
R.I.P.P.E.D: Resistance. Intervals. Power. Plyomterics. Endurance. Diet. All these parts are combined to an intensive wholebody workout which challenge both experienced and beginners.
SomaMove: A holistic workout where you use the whole body as one unit through extension, grip and breathing. You work with fitness, strength, flexibility, coordination and balance at the same time and repeat different movement patterns in a nice flow. During the class you are barefoot and work with your own body as an instrument.
Special: A new training class each month. Check the website or ask at the reception desk.
Spinning: Group training class on an exercise bike. Various durations and focus.
Step up: Step combinations on a board – basic step-up choreography.
Street: A choreographed dance class to hip hop music.
Tabata: High intensive interval training. A mixture of strength-fitness and whole body exercises. The exercise performs in eight intensive intervalls before moving on to the next one. Expect yourself to be exhausted after this tough group training class. This class is not recommended for untrained people.
XT 30: For you who have a shortage of time we offer a short intensive training that challenge you to improve your fitness level while at the same time strengthening and toning your body. Give it all you have on your own level during 30 minutes. Express doesn´t require a sense of tact or coordination instead it is suitable for you who wants to exercise really hard for a short period of time. These group classes are offered for spinning, strength, core and tabata.
Zumba: Basic dancing steps to the capturing rhythms of salsa and merengue. Energy & joy!
Yoga VF: Yoga Vinyasa flow – physical, dynamic yoga that syncronizes breathing and movement. Music. Similar to power yoga.

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