Science Park

Formerly a stables, Campus1477 Science Park has large airy rooms with high ceilings. The entire area used to belong to the Swedish national defence, and the character remains in the interiors. The atmosphere is one of wonderfully open space.

There is a large gym with a wide range of machines, free weights and traditional equipment, but also great opportunities for functional training. Classes are offered in the exercise hall, which holds up to 60 people. The main hall can be booked for ball games and group training. At Science Park, you’ll find Uppsala’s highest and largest rope climbing wall and a smaller rock climbing wall.



A wide range of exercise equipment is available including free weights and cable machines for traditional gym training. In addition, we offer functional training, kettlebells and a separate area for CrossFit with rigging, racks, a purpose-built podium, etc. so you can plan your own workouts. We also cater for suspension training (TRX) that gives stability, balance, strength and flexibility using your own body weight as resistance. The gym has cross-trainers and bicycles, visual training courses and programmes (app LF connect) that let you create your own workout on-site or via your mobile/PC, and then access your statistics.


Parking for members

Until 3.30 pm:
• 3 spots are available at our ordinary parking
• 7 spots (marked Campus1477) are available on the side of the building. Ask for a parking ticket at the reception. Always return your parking ticket after training.

From 3.30 pm weekdays, and on weekends and holidays:
• Get your parking ticket at the reception. The parking is valid 3 hours on our ordinary parking spots.

From 5 pm and on weekends and holidays:
You can also park at the car park.

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