About Covid-19


Januari 9th

Due to the Public Health Agency's decision on regulations that connect to the Pandemic Act, we have taken the following measures.

Maximum number

Daytime 06.00-16.30

147 people

After 16:30 and on public holidays (due to access to the main hall and small changing rooms)

240 people


We have also reduced the number in the groups classes and follow the new regulations in the gym.

The maximum number is calculated on the total square meter of area in the facility divided by 10, where members and tenants have access.

Not included are staff areas and storage

December 23rd

Authorities announced new restrictions on December 18. They recommend a maximum number in shops, gyms etc. This is to reduce crowding. We have already introduced measures that enable us to avoid crowding in our premises today and we will continue our operations. We follow the public health agency's recommendations and if there are new recommendations or changes in the law later, we will adapt to these.



New recommendations after 16/11

Group training

In order for us to reduce contact in corridors and create extra time for class equipment before the session begins, we have created more time between classes. We have reduced the maximum number of bookings in the classes even more.

To facilitate late cancellations, you can now also call the reception if time is too short when using our booking system.


What can you do for make your training more effective at Campus1477?

  • Shorten your workout
  • Try to avoid being too social.
  • Stretch at home if possible
  • Exercise less often at Campus1477 – combine it with exercise at home or outdoors.

Social distancing

Remember to also keep your distance at the entrance, by the reception, when you get your equipment etc. Also by the hand sanitizers and cleaning stations.

Times with fewer people at the facility

Weekdays before 15:00. (avoid 15.00-20.00)

Saturday after 12:00

Sunday before 15:00

The new restriction of maximum 8 people in social gathering does not include gyms.

But the government and the Swedish Public Health Agency have issued advice and guidelines that people should refrain from, for example, moving around in shops, going to the gym and meeting others than the people they live with


Show consideration to others

Campus1477 must be a safe and secure place for both members and employees. We have adapted our operations and created a number of safety measures to meet the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations for reducing the spread of infection.


In our facility

  • Information to our members of current recommendations via TV screens, posters, posts in social channels and on our website. At times with higher pressures, exclamations are also made in our speaker system
  • Create more room for social distancing in our classes by clarifying the flow when entering and exiting at our halls.
  • There are more stations for hand sanitizers and soap.


Changing rooms

  • We encourage members who can, to change and shower at home to reduce congestion in our changing rooms.
  • After 4.30 pm, we open up extra changing rooms to make it easier to keep our distance.
  • There are also more lockers out in the corridor.


Group training

  • The number of bookable spots has been reduced on our group training sessions. With fewer participants, to make social distancing easier.
  • When the session is over, we encourage all participants to clean their equipment and wash and
  • Bring your own yoga mat and blanket for the yoga session.


In our gyms

  • We encourage you to wipe the equipment before and after using it.
  • Keep a safe distance from other members in the gym.
  • Avoid using fitness machines next to each other.


Here's how to help reduce the spread of infection:

  • Stay home when you are sick, even with the slightest symptoms.
  • Make sure you have extra room to the person next to you, whether you are sitting on a bicycle, lying on a mat or dancing.
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