Home workout

Tips for getting started with home training

  • Set up an area for workouts.
  • Prepare the equipment. Can be exercise bands, mats, dumbbells and kettlebells. If you do not have stuff like that, you can use a backpack, water bottles etc.
  • Set aside time for training. If you plan it in advance, the chances increase that the workout will occur. The classic, the best workouts are the ones you do.
  • Prepare a workout, find something that you find fun and that increases motivation.
  • Challenge yourself. When you do your training, try to do another repetition, a little faster or a little heavier so that you improve over time.
  • Use an exercise app for inspiration for workouts and to record your results.
  • Fix an awesome training playlist to push yourself.

Here is some examples of excersices for your home workout.

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