Studentloppet 2023 - Check time and pictures


After the race you can find your result at Racetimer.


Studentloppet 2023 is organized by Upplands Akademiska Idrottsförbund in collaboration with Campus1477. The Student race is aimed at students and everyone else who wants to participate in the fun with the students. Combining your studies with exercise and health is important and is the driving force behind the race. Together, the goal is that we will get Sweden's most active students!

Regardless of whether you set out for 5km, 10km, walk or jog, the Student Run is an opportunity to let go of your thoughts on studies for an evening and enjoy spring. Getting through the race is for both beginners and people who want to test their running form and run good times.

The student run is an annual tradition that takes place when the warmt of spring is coming

The race has a start, lap for 10 km and its finish outside Campus1477 Blåsenhus, von Kreamers allé 5 Uppsala.

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