Work out in other cities

Do you spend some time in other cities during the year? If you have a 12 months card at Campus1477 we can offer you to work out at 180 gyms in Sweden and Denmark. 


This is how it works

• Contact reception for a password to KlubbSverige Mobile.

• You will get a SMS with your code and a link, follow the link and register at Choose amount of times you want to work out and pay.

• Now you´re ready to work out all over Sweden! To use the service, send a SMS with text TRÄNA to number 71120 and you will get a guest pass SMS which you show in the reception at the gym whre you want to work out. A one day pass is guilty during 6 hours, a 30 days period is guilty during 30 days from the day and time you get it sent to your mobile.


Read more at  



1 visit: 30 kr
5 visits: 80 kr
10 visits: 120 kr
20 visits: 160 kr
30 visits: 195 kr



2x30 days: 195 kr

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