Welcome to Campus1477 trial week

From 1st of January until last of January you have a week to train with us for free and enjoy our fantastic facility.

· For best overview of our group training and ball sports offer, we recommend that you download our app.

o Read our booking rules so you feel confident about what applies to it. There you can easily book and cancel, but it is good to know how and when it can happen.

· Flexible subscriptions according to your wishes and possibilities - Here you can buy membership with a shorter commitment period or our slightly cheaper (per month) subscriptions if you are going to stay in Uppsala for a longer period. You choose.

o We have no start-up fees

o You can pause our 12-month membership for up to 60 days.

o If you are studying or have an internship in another town or country, you can pause up to 6 months.

· In the spring, we will open our two paddle courts. Members get discount

· We are for students and our owners are student organizations, but everyone over the age of 15 are welcome to train at Campus1477.


This offer is only valid if you are a new member. If you have train with us before you can purchase a week and than get that sum back if you then decide to buy a membership.

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