Price group
Direct debit MINIMUM 12 months+
Direct debit MINIMUM 3 months+
30 days
7 days
Student    295 SEK/month 395 SEK/month 575 SEK 200 SEK
Regular    375 SEK/month 475 SEK/month 695 SEK 250 SEK
Daytime card    250 SEK/month 350 SEK/month - -

+ Continuous direct debit subscription with minimum 12 or 3 months contract. Swedish bank account and personnummer is needed.



Student: 3 540 kr
Regular: 4 500 kr
Daytime: 3 000 kr


International students only: 1 750 kr (from Aug 15 - Jan 15th or Jan 15th - June 15th)


Loyalty discount applies if you have a 12-month pass, and entitles you to a 10 % discount on your next 12-months pass. The pass must be renewed within 14 days.

Single visits, or passes with a set amount of visits 

Single visit
10 visits
150 SEK 1200 SEK (valid for 1 year)

Discount on trainers and gym wear

Members of Campus1477 are offered a 15 % discount at Gå och löpkliniken upon presentation of the membership card (does not apply to orthopaedic technology) and 50 % at first visit at Muskelcentrum Naprapat & idrottsklinik.


Term passes
The term passes are valid:
Autumn: 15 August – 15 January
Spring: 15 January – 15 June

You are a member of Campus1477 if you have a pass valid for 1 term, or from 1 to 12 months.

Before the purchase
To qualify for a student rate, remember to show a valid student ID or certificate. The 12 month pass can be paid by direct debit provided you are over 18 years of age and have a Swedish bank account.

Try it out
At the beginning of each term, we offer free training for a whole week. During the rest of the year, you’ll get your money back if you pay a one-off entry fee, one week or month and then join within that period. Your pass will be valid from the date of your first visit and only if you buy a longer period (does not apply to passes with a set amount of visits). Remember to bring your receipt.

Student rates
To be eligible for the student rate you must study at a university or college, or alternatively be a postgraduate student. The rate also applies to students from 15 to 19 years of age. When purchasing your pass, make sure to bring your student union card or a student certificate and a valid ID card.

Day passes
Valid for entry and group activities before 15:00.

Loyalty discount
We reward loyal customers with discounted passes. Loyalty discount only applies if you have a 12-month pass, and entitles you to a 10 % discount on your next 12-months pass. The pass must be renewed within 14 days, or the offer will expire. In case of a break, your loyalty discount is removed and you have to start again. The loyalty discount cannot be combined with any other discounts (but can be combined with the student rate).

Freezing of passes
If you have a 12-month pass, you can freeze it for up to 60 days. Each freezing costs 150 SEK (50 SEK will be added if this is not done on site). The number of times you can freeze the pass is not limited, however, the total number of days amounts to 60. As a student, you can also freeze your pass for up to 6 months if you are studying elsewhere.

In case of illness we will freeze your pass free of charge provided you have a medical certificate in which the doctor advises against exercising.

Age limit
You must be 15 years or older to be allowed onto the premises of Campus1477. Children are not allowed anywhere in the gyms, whether they’re accompanying a parent or just watching an ongoing activity.

Dissolution/transfer of passes
The 12-month passes can, at a cost of 250 SEK, be transferred to another person until it expires. In other words, you are allowed to "sell" your pass if you are no longer able to use our facilities. Please note! This only applies to 12-month passes.

Booking regulations
Read more under Booking regulations

Direct Debit
Read more about direct debit agreements

Prices are from the 1st of september 2021


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