Akademiska spelen

The Academic Games are arranged in Gothenburg on 3-5/10 2024 and are open to all students.

The Academic Games is the largest multi-sport event for university students in Sweden and includes 12 sports. The event is really for everyone who wants to be part of a big and fun student sports event, but competitions and great fellowship between students!

As a member of a student sports association connected to Sweden's Academic Sports Association, you can apply for a travel grant for travel to and from the Academic Games. The travel allowance consists of a fixed support with a maximum amount. 50% of travel costs up to a maximum of SEK 400/person (ie a ticket for a maximum of SEK 800) can be applied for via the association (in IdrottOnline) and paid to the association.

So sign up yourself, or get a whole bunch together and sign up for an individual branch or the team sports and go to Gothenburg!

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