Student Sports Ambassador

In order for more and more students to discover student sports in Uppsala, we engage Student Sports Ambassadors who help to both spread information and inspiration about student sports, but also help give suggestions for fun activities and events and how we can develop student sports.

As a Student Sports Ambassador, you put up just as much as you have time and desire for. It can be about talking about Student Sports at fairs and events in student life in Uppsala, marketing activities in both digital and physical channels. But it could just as well be about being involved in planning what we will offer for activities and events and how we will develop student sports to attract more students to participate.

As a Student Sports Ambassador, you can also participate in and lead sports and exercise activities aimed at students. Outdoors as well as indoors. Weekly as well as occasional. It can be runs, hikes, excursions, games, frisbee, fireball, climbing, ski trips, spikeball, or "regular" classic sports such as team games or individually. The activities must be open to everyone and the aim must be community, joy, exercise and health.

As Student Sports Ambassador and leader of activities, you receive a fee of SEK 150/activity and effort

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