Keep it up!

Many people will need extra motivation and support to keep their training routine during the spring. Keep it up will get you that extra inspiration to keep the training fun and motivating. 

During this campaing, there will be some fun challenges and other activities that will give you extra energy and make it easier to stamp your way all the way to the finish line.

Once you've collected your stamps you hand it in to our reception, and have a chance to win prizes from our sponsors.



You collect stamps on a card that gives you motivation and a chance to win prizes!

From March 4, you can pick up the stamp card at the reception.

Collect at least 10 stamps to win prizes!

Every training session at our facility gives you a stamp. Maximum one stamp per day.

At your 5th and 10th clip, you get a free ticket so you can bring a friend to cheer you on!

You have the chance to win great prizes from our sponsors when you submit the stamp card with 10 stamps.

Submit the card no later than April 30th!

Good luck to you!


Our sponsors:


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