Fair Student Sport

Student sports should be both a fun and a safe experience where all participation in activities is based on mutual respect for everyone involved, joy and community, everyone's right to participate and fair play

Student sports are based on the same value base as the sports movement in general, where everyone's equal value is the starting point. The business must be characterized by everyone's right to be involved, joy and community in pure play and democracy and participation.

IF you feel that a student sports activity that you participate in does not live up to this, then contact the person responsible for the activity directly. Alternatively, if you wish to remain anonymous follow the below:

In connection with a student sports activity, have you been subjected to abusive treatment or experienced something else that made you insecure or made you uncomfortable? Then you can report it using this form. You can choose to be anonymous or if you want to be contacted for follow-up and possible measures. Please note that if you choose to remain anonymous, you will not be able to receive any follow-up on the case.

Please note: The form is not monitored 24/7 and should not be used in emergency situations, so instead contact the nearest person in charge or call 112. This form also cannot replace a police report if you have been exposed to something criminal.

Applications submitted via this form go to the convener of the the responsible for Student Sports at Campus1477. All information is handled confidentially within the committee and handled in accordance with GDPR.

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