Our Bandy- and Iceskatingsessions are open to all members of Campus1477 including Student Sports members and are conducted in collaboration with IF Trikadien (Södermanland-Nerike). The trikadie has leaders who are responsible for the sessions and welcomes anyone who wants to come and join and test once or become a regular practitioner. Book your place via the internet, at the customer kiosk at the facility and in the booking app (Go Active), or show up unbooked and play as space permits.

Drop-in ball games are an option for those who want to play ball from time to time, but do not have the time or opportunity to regularly play in a team. It's fine to come alone. So sign up as a student sports member and hang on!

And if you just want to skate around you can do that without playing bandy


Tuesdays at 20:30-21:45 at Studenternas IP


You must have your own equipment in the form of skates, helmet and bandy-/hockeytstick! (There are some sticks for lending)

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